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Pour silk over my dreams

Pour silk over my dreams

Oil on canvas 140 x 200 cm

55.1 x 78.7 in

The artwork is signed on the back and a certificate of authenticity is provided.

The state of dream is one of the most mysterious aspects of the human mind. Time and space seem to have no rule inside the subconscious and there is often no control over the images or scenarios that emerge in this state. Some believe that the subconscious is a gateway to a different dimension.

Dan's works usually depict an alternative perception of the reality that is possible by letting go of the standardized perception of the surroundings.
Once time, space, social and cultural standards become other than boundaries the possibilities are limitless and the creative thought can release us into a freedom which we didn't have the courage to hope for.
He applies the same concept to his process trying to use the result of accidental drops or free gesture finger or brush intervention as a will of a predefined chaos that is used as a pretext for new layers and details of the composition.
The images he uses for reference are collages of various out of context picture cuts found in archives, social media or even screen prints from cinema or television productions.

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