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We live in a world that stuffs our head with uninteresting information, with images of a horror that becomes too familiar, or vulgar and futile images that become our sanctuary. A sanctuary away from a kafkaesque quotidian, where to choose ignorance and leave “the others” decide for us, becomes almost natural. And unfortunately “the others” are very often the ones stuffing us.


          “Don’t worry, the country needs its contemptables too!”, use to say my father when my school results were low. It was an aspiration towards the elite which I appropriated and always felt it later on. Being “contemptible” was the result of the lack of this aspiration. But I always asked myself “ who are these people?” With the passage of time “contemptable” took the face of a gipsy, an alcoholic, a housekeeper and after university they became “ these ignorants that don’t understand a thing”, that didn’t even want to understand, that aspired only to eat, sleep, fuck and, if possible, get rich.

           The fashion world gave me access to this “elite” where I felt so protected of the risk of self contempt in mediocrity.

           The reality is that I still have no clue of who are these “contemptibles”, but I know what it is to be ignorant and arrogant. And I learned it by myself when just arrived in Brussels I became housekeeper, kitch salesman, romanian gipsy and even completely lost in front of a contemporary work of art!

            My artistic research today focalises on the different sides of the ignorance and its consequences on the society and the human spirit, on its mesmerising perfume when the mirage of comfort becomes the status quo.

            An important influence of the fashion universe and the theatre costume can be observed especially in the means to surprise and engage the viewer into questioning.

Each composition is a hybrid between the human figure, the cloth, the gesture and the environment. The colour, the surface and the unexpected interventions as some accidents are adapted to create a spectacular aura.

           It is an amalgam between reality and imaginary that immerges the viewer into the characters world and stimulates certain emotions in order to create a state of meditation on the reality and the consequences of action as the lack of it!

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